The Dream Of You by Jo Saxton – Book Review

The Dream Of You

The Dream Of You – Book Review

Who were you before life told you what you were supposed to be? Is this the life you were meant to live?

When you are ready to explore these questions – when you are ready to examine why God placed you on this earth, pursue your dreams, and unlock all of the possibilities and plans He has created you for –The Dream Of You: Let Go Of Broken Identities And Live The Life You Were Made For by Jo Saxton is the perfect book to accompany you on your journey.

In The Dream Of You, Jo turns inward to examine the things that have prevented her from achieving her dreams at various points in her life, and uses that knowledge to show us how her experiences are representative of our common human condition. She then turns to the Bible and makes the lives of various biblical characters come alive, using the examples of historical characters such as Joseph, Esther, David, Naomi, Hagar, and others to show how God is with us even during our most difficult experiences, and how he uses those experiences to shape our lives!

The Dream Of You is a book that’s written for anyone who has ever struggled to find their unique identity in a world that is forever trying to imprint their false messages upon our hearts (which encompasses pretty much everyone!)

The Dream Of You is rich, relevant, and ripe for discovery.

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.


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  1. SaraBeth says:

    Sounds like an interesting read, thanks for the preview. I like to do character studies too to see the not-so-famous people in the Bible and how God used them and cared for them.

    Words crush heavier than hands sometimes and oftentimes the wounds are deep. Life goes on so usually people don’t remember that wounds from words need healing too just like from hands.

  2. Glad to see this at #WriterWednesday Linky party always great to discover new books for my TBR pile

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