This I Know by Laura Dingman – Book Review

This I Know

This I Know: Trusting Your Unknown Future To A Known God – Book Review

Do you ever find yourself struggling with fear and anxiety? Even though God tells us to be anxious for nothing, I find that as women, we are often prone to worry about things that are outside of our control. If you yourself in an ongoing battle to “take every thought captive” – to keep yourself mind from gravitating to places it should not go – then I’d like to place Laura Dingman’s 6-week Bible study, This I Know on your radar!

For those of us with minds that are prone to wander and stress about things that are beyond our sphere of control, This I Know helps us to understand how focusing on things that we don’t know keeps us caught up in the enemy’s cycle of fear, anxiety and worry, while focusing on the things we can know about God brings us peace, hope and joy.

This study is fabulous! Each week has 5 days of lessons and interactive journaling assignments, beginning with Acts (Paul and the Unknown God), but taking us all over the Bible as we explore a variety of topics including idolatry, the foundation of our faith (and whether it’s solid or faulty), our identity in Christ.

This I Know is beautifully designed, theologically solid, and will help you to solidify your faith.

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.


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