Meet The New You by Elisa Pulliam – Book Review

Meet The New You - Thumbnail

Meet The New You by Elisa Pulliam – Book Review If you are a Christian woman who is serious about making significant changes in your life and are looking for a book to help you to jump-start the process, then Life Coach and Mentor Elisa Pulliam invites you on an exciting journey of self-discovery and […]

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Choose Joy: Finding Hope And Purpose When Life Hurts – Book Review

Choose Joy

Choose Joy – Book Review Are you facing a heart-breaking circumstance in your life right now – a situation where you simply cannot find a silver lining to get you through? Perhaps you are dealing with the loss of a loved one… a devastating illness… chronic pain… difficulties in your familial relationships… financial difficulties… legal […]

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Rest Assured – A Recovery Plan For Weary Souls – Book Review

Rest Assured

Rest Assured by Vicki Courtney – Book Review Are you the type of person who tends to do more than they should? Are you a multi-tasker? Someone who always has several projects on their plate? A woman who’s juggling several roles at once? Do you always feel exhausted, rarely have time for yourself, have trouble […]

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I’m Happy For You (Sort Of…Not Really) – Book Review & Giveaway

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I’m Happy For You – Book Review Do you struggle with OCD – Obsessive Comparison Disorder? That’s the term that blogger-turned-author Kay Wills Wyma has coined to describe our compulsion to constantly compare ourselves to others – a compulsion, she says, that produces unwanted thoughts and feelings that drive us into depression, consumption, anxiety and […]

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The Devotional For Women – Book Review

The Devotional For Women – Book Review If you are a woman who is committed to deepening your relationship with the Lord and are looking for a biblically-based devotional to reflect upon during your quiet times with God, chances are you’ll find The Devotional For Women perfect for your spiritual needs! The Devotional For Women […]

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Where Christ Is Present – Book Review & Giveaway

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Where Christ Is Present – Book Review Five hundred years ago, the church of Jesus Christ underwent a Reformation. When Martin Luther posted his 95 theses on the castle church door in Wittenberg, he didn’t intend to start a new church – he merely hoped to reform the church that already existed. Luther hoped that […]

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Dancing Through Life by Candace Cameron Bure – Book Review & Giveaway

Dancing Through Life

Dancing Through Life – Book Review If you’ve ever watched Dancing With The Stars – a show where celebrities are paired with non-professional dancers on live TV and judged each week on their performance ability and popularity alike – you know what a pressure cooker of an environment that show can be. Now imagine going […]

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Intersect – Where Your Story And God’s Converge – DVD Review


Intersect – DVD Review If you are looking for a non-traditional resource to help you spark spiritual conversations with the people in your life who don’t currently have a relationship with God, than you may be interested in Intersect – Where Your Story And God’s Converge! Intersect is a five-week, small group resource that’s designed […]

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The War Room Giveaway – 5 Books To Help Your Family Unleash The Power Of Prayer

War Room Book Giveaway

Have You Seen War Room? It’s The #1 Movie In The Country! Have you seen War Room – the powerful faith-based movie that’s taking the country by storm? This #1-box office hit from the award-winning Kendrick brothers is a compelling drama that explores the power of prayer on our marriages, parenting, careers, friendships, and every […]

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