The War Room Giveaway – 5 Books To Help Your Family Unleash The Power Of Prayer

War Room Book Giveaway

Have You Seen War Room? It’s The #1 Movie In The Country! Have you seen War Room – the powerful faith-based movie that’s taking the country by storm? This #1-box office hit from the award-winning Kendrick brothers is a compelling drama that explores the power of prayer on our marriages, parenting, careers, friendships, and every […]

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Asia’s New Wings – The Untold Story Of A Young Girl Lost On 9/11

Asias New Wings - Thumbnail

Asia’s New Wings by Clifton & Michelle Cottom – Book Review On September 11, 2001 – a day that will forever live on in infamy in the hearts and minds of good people everywhere – evil terrorists orchestrated an unprecedented attack on America by crashing commercial airplanes in New York City, in Pennsylvania, and in […]

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Fulfilled – Learning To Live The Life God Promised – Book Review

Fulfilled by Danise Jurado

Fulfilled by Danise Jurado – Book Review As we go through life, there are times when we each experience a deep hunger inside – an emotional yearning, a spiritual emptiness, an intense desire for something more in life than we already have, no matter who we are or how fabulous our lives may be. In […]

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Prayers For New Brides by Jennifer O White – Book Review

Prayers For New Brides

Prayers For New Brides – Book Review Are you a young woman who dreams of being swept off of her feet by Prince Charming, having a fairy-tale marriage, and living happily ever after? Are you a happily engaged gal who is basking in the glow of her engagement – busily planning the wedding of your […]

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Thriving In Babylon: Why Hope, Humility And Wisdom Matter In A Godless Culture

Thriving In Babylon

Thriving In Babylon by Larry Osborne – Book Review If you are a Christian who is concerned about the changes that you see happening in our culture and what these things mean for your family and your future, then I’d like to recommend Thriving In Babylon – Why Hope Humility And Wisdom Matter In A […]

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Tattered And Mended – The Art Of Healing The Wounded Soul

Tattered And Mended

Tattered And Mended by Cynthia Ruchti – Book Review I am a Cynthia Ruchti fan. I’ve previously had the pleasure of reviewing three of Cynthia’s previous books. The thing that I like about most about Cynthia is that she writes about real people, dealing with the painful circumstances of their lives, but she doesn’t try […]

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Warrior Chicks – Rising Strong When Life Wants To Take You Down

Warrior Chicks

Warrior Chicks by Holly Wagner – Book Review Chances are, you’ve been told to pick the battles that you fight in life. But what happens when the battles you face are the battles that have somehow found their way into your life and hand-picked you? According to Holly Wagner, the Co-Pastor of Oasis Church in […]

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Letters From My Father’s Murderer – Book Review

Letters From My Fathers Murderer

Letters From My Father’s Murderer – Book Review When something terrible happens – you just know. You may not know the circumstances but you can feel that something is not right. There’s a shift in your spirit that happens – an uneasiness that you cannot shake. Laurie A. Coombs felt it from the moment she […]

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