Transform – The Secret To Unlocking The Perfect You – Book Review


Transform by Dede Barbanti – Book Review If you could choose anything you wanted to help you achieve your health and fitness goals what would it be? Would you pack your bags and book a vacation at a wellness spa like my husband? Would you purchase a membership at your local gym like my neighbor? […]

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Mind Matters: Get Out Of Your Head And Jump Into Life – Book Review

Mind Matters Thumbnail

Mind Matters by Tanya J Miller Have you ever been the victim of “stinking thinking”? Do you sometimes let self-destructive thoughts such as worry, doubt and strife run rampant in your mind? Do you ever get so focused on a singular thought that you can’t shift your thoughts to anything else? The ability to channel […]

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Breaking Busy – Book Review & Giveaway

Breaking Busy Thumbnail

Breaking Busy – How To Find Peace And Purpose In A World Of Crazy by Alli Worthington – Book Review How busy are you? Do you spend your days constantly racing from one task to the next, trying to squeeze “just one more thing” into your already over-crowded schedule? Do you wear your busyness like […]

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Your New Money Mindset – Book Review

Your New Money Mindset

Your New Money Mindset – Book Review There are lots of books you can buy that will tell you how to save more money, create a budget, invest wisely, and help you to improve your overall financial habits, but there are very few books that help you to examine and understand your attitude towards and […]

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Succulent Wild Love by SARK and Dr. John Waddell – Book Review

Succulent Wild Love

Succulent Wild Love – Book Review Ever since she released her first beautifully water-colored, inspiring book many years ago, I’ve been a fan of Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy – better known to the world as SARK. I also had the pleasure of meeting SARK through her workshops and teleconferences and have found her to be […]

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Meet The New You by Elisa Pulliam – Book Review

Meet The New You - Thumbnail

Meet The New You by Elisa Pulliam – Book Review If you are a Christian woman who is serious about making significant changes in your life and are looking for a book to help you to jump-start the process, then Life Coach and Mentor Elisa Pulliam invites you on an exciting journey of self-discovery and […]

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Rest Assured – A Recovery Plan For Weary Souls – Book Review

Rest Assured

Rest Assured by Vicki Courtney – Book Review Are you the type of person who tends to do more than they should? Are you a multi-tasker? Someone who always has several projects on their plate? A woman who’s juggling several roles at once? Do you always feel exhausted, rarely have time for yourself, have trouble […]

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Someone Died… Now What? by Corrie Sirota – Book Review & Giveaway

Someone Died… Now What? – Book Review When you lose someone you love, particularly when it’s someone who is close to you, your life changes in an instant. While everyone’s reactions, experiences, and journey through grief is different, feelings of shock, overwhelming emotion and feelings of uncertainty about the future are common feelings among survivors. […]

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Taming The To-Do List by Glynnis Whitwer – Book Review

Taming The To-Do List

Taming The To-Do List – Book Review Are you the kind of gal who loves to make To Do Lists? Do you get a keen sense of satisfaction out of checking little boxes that indicate you’ve accomplished something meaningful? Do you also find yourself becoming increasingly overwhelmed by the number of tasks remaining on your […]

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