Bible & Breakfast: 31 Mornings With Jesus– Book Review

Bible And Breakfast

Bibles And Breakfast: 31 Mornings With Jesus by Asheritah Ciuciu – Book Review Are you the kind of gal who believes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day (even if you’re so rushed most mornings, you rarely enjoy it)? Do you strive to start your day with God but find it challenging […]

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The Good Name: The Power Of Words To Hurt Or Heal – Book Review

The Good Name

The Good Name by Samuel T. Logan Jr. It’s not often that we hear sermons or find books dedicated to the importance and practicality of speaking the truth in love within the Christian community and the world, even when we disagree with one another, but this is a message near and dear to Samuel T. […]

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Safe And Sound: Standing Firm In Spiritual Battles – Book Review

Safe And Sound

Safe And Sound: Standing Firm In Spiritual Battles by David Powlison In a world filled with sensationalism, it is difficult to find sound, biblical resources on the topic of spiritual warfare – but Safe And Sound: Standing Firm In Spiritual Battles by the late David Powlison is one such book. Safe And Sound was written […]

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Jonah: Grace For Sinners And Saints (Bible Study) – Book Review


Jonah: Grace For Sinners And Saints by Iain M. Duguid – Book Review Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you felt like you were running from God? I think that, if we’re honest with ourselves, we would have to admit that we all have. That’s why the Old Testament story of Jonah […]

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Ruth: Redemption For The Broken (Bible Study) – Book Review

Ruth Study Guide

Ruth: Redemption For The Broken by Jared C Wilson Are you looking for an inspiring Bible Study to kick off the New Year? If so, the book of Ruth is a great story to delve into, and Ruth: Redemption For The Broken by Jared C. Wilson is a great 8-week Study Guide for you and […]

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The Tony Evans Study Bible – Book Review & Giveaway

Tony Evans Study Bible

The Tony Evans Study Bible – Book Review When you think of pastors and teachers within the Body of Christ who have had a profound influence on your spiritual growth, what individuals come to mind? One of the biggest spiritual influences in my life is Dr. Tony Evans – the Senior Pastor of Oak Cliff […]

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NIV Life Application Study Bible Third Edition – Book Review

Life Application Bible - NIV Third

Do You Remember Your First Study Bible? Do you remember the first time you decided to grow in your faith by investing in a quality Study Bible? I certainly remember mine! Twenty-five years ago, shortly after placing my faith in Jesus, I felt the urge to begin to read the Bible and learn everything I […]

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Not Forsaken by Louie Giglio – Book Review

Not Forsaken

Not Forsaken: Finding Freedom as Sons & Daughters of a Perfect Father According to Louie Giglio, we all long for our father’s blessing. When we receive it – when we are blessed with good, loving fathers – we are positioned to flourish as we grow into adulthood. When we lack our father’s love and blessing, […]

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Images And Idols: Creativity For The Christian Life – Book Review

Images And Idols Square

Images And Idols by Thomas J. Terry & J. Ryan Lister – Book Review If you are a Christian who is blessed with the gift of creativity in any way, shape or form, you may be wondering how your creativity fits into God’s sovereign plans for His kingdom, for the world, and for your life. […]

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