Balance Bar Spring Cleaning Giveaway #SpringIntoBalance

Balance Bar - JR Watkins

Spring Cleaning With Balance Bar – Overview When you hear the term Spring Cleaning, what comes to mind? Do you think of doing some good-old fashioned house cleaning? Do you think of cleaning up your unhealthy habits and getting a fresh start? Do you think of getting rid of the toxic products and toxic people […]

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The New Bible Cure For Weight Loss by Don Colbert, MD

he New Bible Cure For Weight Loss

The New Bible Cure For Weight Loss – Book Review I am always on the look-out for information that will help my family lead a healthier lifestyle. Frequently. I find myself gravitating towards books that deal with the topics of health, nutrition, and weight loss. The problem with reading these books is that everyone in […]

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Happy Hormones, Slim Belly by Jorge Cruise

Happy Hormones Slim Belly

Happy Hormones, Slim Belly – Book Review If you are a woman who has reached a certain point in your life, you’ve probably discovered that gaining weight is easier than it once was, and losing weight is more difficult than ever before. “It truly isn’t your fault!” proclaims Jorge Cruise – the best-selling author of […]

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